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Drone Services (Ireland)


We adhere to all current IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) guidelines and operate with full Public Liability Insurance allowing us to operate throughout Ireland and the UK.

JPD Media

Holds a valid Solas Safe Pass card and is experienced in working around active construction sites.

Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland

JPD Media is a member of the UAAI.  The UAAI is committed to ensuring the safe use of UAVs in Ireland and liaising with the IAA.

What can JPD Media do for you?

Feel free to contact us in relation
to any drone queries you may have.

Company Overview

JPD Media is a business based in Buncrana, County Donegal. We have always had a keen interest in flying drones as hobbyists.

The use of drones is now being used more widespread around the world from search and rescue to site inspections.

JPD Media are always open to new ideas on how to use drone technology for different industries and can offer drone services which meets the needs of the growing drone industry in Ireland. We are always looking at different ways on how drones can be used. Our intention is to help customers to develop their business, as using Drone technology helps to improve the productivity of any business.

Drones can replace workers in some instances, e.g. there is no need to climb a scaffold as a Drone can be used to take pictures/videos from the air effortlessly.

Our drone services include but are not limited to:-

Drone Inspection of Assets

Roof and Building Survey


Confined Space Drone Inspection

Real Estate

Aerial Mapping

Drone Aerial Photography and Video

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