Professional Drone Services (Ireland)


Welcome to JPD Media

Here at JPD Media, we are a Professional Drone Service Company. We have the knowledge, technique and equipment to provide the very best drone services in Ireland. JPD Media have the knack for the right angels that extend across the areas of the event or locations. 

We are the Donegal Drone Service Company your can trust



We adhere to all current IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) guidelines and operate with full Public Liability Insurance allowing us to operate throughout Ireland and the UK.

JPD Media

Holds a valid Solas Safe Pass card and is experienced in working around active construction sites.

Unmanned Aircraft Association of Ireland

JPD Media is a member of the UAAI.  The UAAI is committed to ensuring the safe use of UAVs in Ireland and liaising with the IAA.


 Drone Photography & Aerial Videography

Drones are unigue in that they provide a new perspective for creating and engaging marketing content for your viewers. Nothing helps to draw a viewer in more than by giving them fresh new perspective.  Let work together to create the perfect photographs or an immersive video experience that helps you take your business to the next level. 

See The World From A Different Angel 

In todays day and age, a simple photograph or a simple video, simply does not capture the most unique perspectives of your wedding, your event, your property or your sporting event. Why? Because these perspectives are not new to us they are natural. 

Why not go with a different vantage point?

JPD Media always looking for new angles. What makes the difference is our Drone Operators have a keen eye for detail and beauty.

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