About Us

- See the World from a Different Angle -

Based in Donegal, Ireland, JPD Media is a professional drone services company that offers the most advanced drone photography and drone videography services in Ireland. You see, we’re not like any other media company out there – we provide a fresh perspective, and one that brings your viewers into a whole new world of visual experiences.


We’re your comprehensive provider of drone solutions – whether it be aerial photography, security, or drone video for your event, our team of professional drone operators will ensure that you end up with a finished product that leaves you wanting more.


Because when you finally see what it’s like to soar high above the clouds, there’s truly no better experience.

Jason Dawson

I have relocated from London to Buncrana, County Donegal. I have always had a keen interest in photography, drone technology and the Internet of Things. I am an IAA Approved SOP (Specific Operator Permission) Holder.

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