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At JPD Media, our skilled professional drone operators are always up for a challenge. When it comes to our clients, we’re always ready to listen, learn, and act to provide them with the unique and tailored drone solutions that not only meet their needs, but exceed them too.

Weddings & Events

Drones have recently made their way into the weddings and events industry – and for good reason! Capture the celebration from above and see for yourself just how big your party can grow.

Real Estate

Listing agents of residential or commercial properties can use drones to create beautiful video tours of their properties.

Sporting Events

Get a better view of the field, the pitch, or the court from above. Use our advanced aerial videography to gain a deeper insight into your team’s positioning.

And remember, at JPD Media, no request is ever out of the question. We provide drone solutions for a number of different purposes, including:

• Film & TV

Drones are also proving to be a useful tool in any production kit, Allowing film crew capture different angles from above for filming Hollywood blockbusters, commercials, live tv, reality tv shows

• Search & Rescue

Drone can be used to aid search and rescue missions to help save lifes

• Security Surveillance

Drone security services for event surveillance and Crowd control. Drone allow security personnel to reduce and risk / threats, survey larger areas in less time, and respond more effectively to intruders.

• Golf Course

Bring the true expanse and sprawl of your golf course to life with a fresh new perspective and an aerial view like you’ve never seen before.

• Mapping & Surveying

We Provide a Range of Professional Drone Technical Services, Including; 3D Mapping, 3D Modelling, Building Inspection and Site Surveys

• Agricultural Surveys

By flying a drone above an area of interest a drone is able to relatively quickly build a map of where healthy and unhealthy plants are, giving the farmer the opportunity to monitor health progress and quickly react, if necessary. The drone monitoring has the additional advantage of being entirely non-invasive, as the drones fly above the crops and do not physically interact with them in any way.

• Insurance Inspections | Industrial Inspections | Commercial Inspections | Building Inspections

It's a simple truth: industrial inspections, like roof inspections, power line inspections, and Property inspection, can be time consuming and many times, difficult to complete. Often, these job are risky for contractors completing them. But, with the use of drones, these risks can be minimized.

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